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  Japanese Cherry Blossom
Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT

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Moroccan Rose EDT
Moroccan Rose

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Neroli Jasmin EDT
Neroli Jasmin

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Vanilla EDT
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White Musk EDT
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Love Etc
Love Etc...™

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Fragrance Family
Fresh floral
Floral Musk
Fragrance Personality
Delicate, Romantic,
Pretty, Etherea
Bright, Feminine,  Sophisticated, Modern
Enchanting, Mysterious, Captivating, Luminous
Timeless, Irresistible, Warm, Comforting
Soft, Sensual, Velvety, Elegant
Sweet, sensual, warm
Fragrance Notes Top notes: Fuji apple, Chinese magnolia, osmanthus flower

Middle notes: star jasmine, Japanese cherry blossom, Japanese persimmon

Base notes: sandalwood, hinoki wood, fruity musk
Top notes: Rose, floral, spice

Middle notes: Rose, mimosa, orange

Base notes: Rose, cedarwood, vanilla, musk
Top notes: neroli, freesia, violet leaf

Middle notes: orange blossom, jasmine, white peony

Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla, musk, amber

Top notes: bergamot, coconut, apricot, strawberry

Middle notes: jasmine, lily of the valley, rose

Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, amber, musk
Top notes: velvety musk, floral lily, sensual ylang ylang

Middle notes: velvety musk, oriental jasmine, floral lily, rose

Base notes: velvety musk, oriental jasmine, floral lily, iris, rose, sweet vanilla
Top notes: pear, neroli, bergamot

Middle notes: jasmine, heliotrope, lily of the valley

Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, musk cream
Is it You? You appreciate the traditions of society, and find joy in little romantic gestures.  A perfect day with a loved one may be a visit to an art museum, a carriage ride through a park, or a romantic, candle lit dinner.  Always a hopeful romantic. You are powerful, modern and feminine.  Equally at home in a boardroom or in the family room. Life may be stressful, but luxury, self-pampering and relaxation are important to you.  A spa appointment is always booked in your very busy schedule. You are naturally vivacious, often the center of attention at a party.  Always in touch with your feminine powers, all around you are captivated by your lust for life. You laugh, you cry, you live life without boundaries.  You are passionate in celebrating every relationship, whether it be with your partner, your sister, or your best friend.  You comfort, you calm, you indulge the ones you love.  You are a safe haven for those struggling in a storm. You are a icon in every way. Stylishly classic, you are comfortable in your own skin, with a confidence that makes other’s heads turn.  Never without your grandmother's pearls, you live each day with a sensual, quiet glamour. You are fun, feminine and spontaneous. You cherish your friends and loved ones and embrace all the wonderful things that life has to offer. Carpe Diem!


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