We harness the expertise and knowledge of small-scale farmers all over the world to provide us with the finest ingredients. Through our partnership, we provide these local communities fair wages, employment opportunities and a better lifestyle

HEMP SEED OIL<span>From England</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
Wooden Accessories<span>From Russia</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
ALCOHOL<span>From Ecuador</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
ALOE VERA<span>From Mexico</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
SHEA BUTTER<span>From Ghana</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
HONEY<span>From Ethiopia</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
SOYA OIL<span>From Brazil</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
WILD ARGAN OIL<span>From Morocco</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
BEESWAX<span>From Cameroon</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
COCOA BUTTER<span>From Ghana</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
CACTUS MITT<span>From Mexico</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
BRAZIL NUT OIL<span>From Brazil</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
PEPPERMINT<span>From England</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
HEMP MITTS<span>From Bangladesh</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
OLIVE OIL<span>From Italy</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
Wooden Massagers and Accessories<span>From India</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
Marula<span>From Namibia</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
Tea Tree<span>From Kenya</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
COTTON<span>From Mauritius</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
CANE SUGAR<span>From Paraguay</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
PAPER<span>From Nepal</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
BABASSU OIL<span>From Brazil</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
Soap Stone<span>From India</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
LOOFAH MITTS & PADS<span>From Honduras</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>
SESAME SEED OIL<span>From Nicaragua</span><br /><strong>LEARN MORE ▸</strong>