Community Fair Trade

Wooden Massagers and Accessories

From India

Based in Tamil Nadu, Teddy Exports makes our wooden massagers, accessories, bags for life and cosmetic bags. Teddy's skilled artisans craft products like our massagers from hand-turned acacia wood. Fabric items like our cotton bags are screenprinted by hand and then machine-sewn.

The Heart Inside


Teddy Exports began with just five employees working in a mud hut. Today, it employs over 400 people. There's no discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, caste, disability or HIV status. Employees benefit from secure employment, equal pay and good working conditions. For some, it's the first time they've experienced regular, fairly paid work.


While India has a fast-growing economy, much of its population still lives in poverty. India's gross national income per capita is $1,220 in a population of over one billion. People are often employed on a casual basis, offering little job security. Through its charitable foundation, The Teddy Trust, Teddy Exports provides workers and the local community with secure working conditions and access to basic healthcare and education.


The Teddy Trust runs two Healthy Highway Centres where truck drivers are given information on STDs and HIV/AIDs and receive free condoms. In partnership with local NGOs, the Trust also supports a project for Women in Prostitution (WIP) to create awareness of STDs.


Teddy Exports was our first Community Fair Trade supplier. They've been supplying us with wooden massagers since 1987.


Over 700 pupils attend The Teddy Trust School, including 50 children with learning disabilities who have a special day care centre just for them. It's the only school in Tamil Nadu to integrate children with special needs into mainstream education.

Our Iconic Wooden Massagers

Total Body Massager

  • Total Body Massager

    Tackle tension, invigorate your skin and help stimulate circulation for a radiant glow and soothing relief to your whole body with a wooden massager.

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Twin Ball Massager

  • Twin Ball Massager

    Unwind after a stressful day with an easy-to-use, relaxing and rejuvenating massager that helps relieve tension and tired muscles.

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Handy Massager

  • Handy Massager

    Tackle tension and tired muscles after a hard day at work with an easy-to-use, all-over body massager.

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