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Loofah Mitts and Pads

From Honduras

Loofah is a climbing flowering plant, and is a biodegradable, 100% natural and renewable material! Ours is produced by Fundacion Poligono Industries Copaneco (Poligono) in Santa Rosa de Copan, located in western Honduras.

The Heart Inside


Poligono was founded in 1993 by a local Catholic bishop, with the aim to provide professional, technical and social training to young people from low income families.


Many of the inhabitants of the Santa Rosa de Copan region have had to leave for urban areas in search of employment. However, Poligono's work is helping to provide them with the option of staying in the community.


Poligono has set up many social initiatives to help their employees and the local community, including vegetable pickling to sell in local markets and further education classes for staff.


Poligono have started an income-generating project in the village of Dolores de Copan, where 8 families have been given training and a sewing machine to produce items for the local market.

Our Iconic Loofah Product

Smooth and Renew Loofah Pads

  • Made in Honduras, these pads turn your daily cleanser into a smoothing exfoliator.

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