Community Fair Trade

Organic Cotton

From Mauritius

Our Community Fair Trade organic cotton comes from the island of Mauritius, an exotic paradise in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

The Heart Inside

The Supplier

We buy from Craft Aid, a textiles business that aims to provide employment to people with disabilities, and also supports numerous charitable organisations in Mauritius with programmes for the elderly, children and adults with disability.


Craft Aid is the single largest employer of disabled people in Mauritius. The Body Shop has been instrumental in helping Craft Aid support the community by building its textile business with ongoing trade, product development and diversification.


Craft Aid visits the source of the organic cotton to trace the raw material through to its final production stages. They oversee the fabric as it is dyed, then cut into production-ready pieces. A skilled team of tailors transform these into the Moisturising Gloves and Socks we sell in-store.


Workers at Craft Aid receive equal pay, sick pay and a medical allowance to help ensure their wellbeing. Working for the company also gives staff more independence and helps them feel increased self-esteem.


“I wanted to lead a normal life just like my cousins of my age. As soon as I stepped in the yard of Craft Aid with my parents I felt very excited, and said yes this is where I should be. It is already three years that I have been working at Craft Aid. I still wait eagerly for the next morning to work at Craft Aid.”

Our Iconic Cotton Products

Organic Cotton Pads

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    Soft and absorbent cotton pads with two different fluff-free surfaces.

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